HD-SDI/SDI High Difinition optical Transceiver

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HD-SDI video optical mainly is a kind of point to point transmission equipment, and transmission distance and technical data could depend on many factors, and has a variety of use function, some application solutions are as follows:
1. Could the longest-distance be up to 100Km?
The longest-distance is 80Km about our company HD-SDI video optical, because HD-SDI signal bandwidth is 1.485G, which requires higher optical power, at present optical device only can support Max. 80Km through optical loss budget, but if you must need to be up to above 100Km, you could use optical amplifier repeater of our company or adopt “back to back” transmission program for achievement.
2. Transmission distance 20Km, 40Km, 80Km, and 100Km about data
Transmission distance mainly depended on laser’s launch optical power and receiver sensitivity about HD-SDI/SDI series of our company. So data of our product 20Km, 40Km, 80Km, and 100 Km is basically the same, and only have amplifier’ difference. We could supply all kinds of products according to requirements.
3. HD-SDI video optical, instruction of different sides of transmitter and receiver
(1) Instruction of transmitter interface
1)  Main IN SDI, generally connect HD camera
2)  Backup IN SDI, when main IN SDI camera is something wrong or no signal, transmitter automatically switches to Backup IN SDI (generally access to advertisement or testing programs etc. at  backup input interface), if so, it could prevent from blank screen in the transmission
3)  When “main IN SDI” has signal input, “looping out“interface could loop out 1-channel signal with the same “main IN SDI”; when “main IN SDI” has no signal, “looping out” interface could automatically loop out 1-channel signal with the same as “Backup IN SDI” (monitor signal quality)
(2) Instruction of receiver interface
1) Main SDI out, generally connect live OB van/truck
2) When “main SDI out” has signal, “Backup out” interface could output 1-channel signal with the same as “Main SDI output” (monitor signal quality)
3) When optical path is something wrong or has no signal, receiver could automatically switch to “Backup IN SDI ” input (generally access to advertisement or testing programs etc. at  backup input interface)
4. Dual-optical path backup of HD-SDI optical video could guarantee the transmission signal is not lost
(1) Typical diagram
(2) Typical diagram for Dual-optical path backup
1)  Transmitter side adds one divided into 2 fiber coupler in order to achieve 2-channel transmission
2)  At the receiver side, “Backup output” of receiver B is connected to “Backup IN SDI” of receiver A; “Backup output” of receiver A is connected to “Backup IN SDI” of receiver B.
3) At the receiver side, 2-channel signals of “Main SDI input” is discretional selection one, receiver A or receiver B
4)  Do this, it guarantees signal could be normally transmitted if any one fiber is cut off
5)  Could add fiber coupler
(3) Typical diagram, 1 transmitter to several receivers
1)  Transmitter side add 1 fiber coupler (divided into multi), so that one transmitter 1-channel signal could transmit multi-channel signal of receivers
2) The divided transmission distance depends on distance of transmitter equipment and the divided ways 〔1 is divided into N(2, 4, 8, 16…..)〕
3) For example, could use the above mentioned program, if the same event is needed to be live broadcast by many media
4) Could add fiber coupler
5. Achievement for long distance transmission without damage, could use equipments “back to back” joint-transmission type
Joint-transmission diagram:
(1)     Longest transmission distance of One pair could be up to 80Km, when use 2 pairs” back to back” joint-transmission, and could be up to 160Km without damage
(2)     “Back to back” Joint-transmission is no limited, 2 pairs, 4 pairs, 8 pairs, 16 pairs….
(3)     Standard-definition equipments at present could not achieve joint-transmission above 100Km because of transmission rate limitation, so could select our high-definition equipments