4K HDMI Fiber Extender 10KM

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4K/30HZ  HDMI Fiber Extender------Fiber Extender 10KM
KWO T4F  advances its HDTools™ lineup with the “T4F” Ultra-HD/4K  HDMI over Single Fiber Extender.  An industry first, the T4F provides extension of Ultra-HD/4K HDMI v1.4b with full HDCP compliance up to 10 KM, as well as USB up to 10 KM, all over a single SingleMode fiber cable.  

Smaller is Better
The T4F transmitter and receiver modules feature a sleek, compact casing with mounting attachments for ease of installation. Together with full KVM operability, the T4F is the most complete and reliable solution for long-distance Ultra-HD/4K signal transmission. 
Key Features
  • HDMI 1.4b Compatibility: Ultra HD 4K transport and extension
  • USB extension for full KVM operations
  • Single Fiber provides 10 KM HDMI 4K distance
  • Styled casing with bottom mounting attachments
Common Applications
  • Self-service Ticketing Kiosks (airports, movie theaters, etc.)
  • Informational Kiosks (museums, galleries, exhibitions)
  • Bank ATMs
  • Digital Signage
  • Interactive White Boards
General Specifications
HDMI (Female Type)
Maximum Video Bit Rate
2.97 Gbps per color
Video Maximum Resolution
4096 x 2160 at 30Hz
Maximum Reach
Support HDCP 1.4
External Power Connector
DC 2.1*5.5MM
Power Consumption
Transmitter (2.35W), Receiver (2.1W)
Power Supply
12/5V / 1A Power Adaptor
150 x 30 x 70 mm (W x H x D)
Optical Source
850nm / 1310nm / 1550nm
O/E Converter
PIN Photo Diode
Optical Fiber
50/125um Multi Mode Fiber [OM3]
Optical Connector
Simplex (1) LC Connector
Operation Temperature
0°C ~ 50°C
Storage Temperature
-20°C ~ 70°C
Package Includes:
  • T4F Optical HDMI Extension Module: One (1) pair (Tx, Rx)
  • 12/5V AC-DC Adaptor:  Two (2) unit
  • User’s Manual
  • Optional Product:  Fiber and 4K HDMI Cable
Order information:
       1) T4F:  HDMI 4K 30HZ Over fiber extender 10KM
       2) T4F KM: HDMI+USB  4K 30HZ Over fiber extender 10KM